Set for the future

The stage has been set. As equal partners, Klaus Schnepf, Alexander Schädel, Alexander Schillsott and Adrian Schaufert control the fortunes of SCHNEPF Planungsgruppe Energietechnik GmbH & Co. KG. In his capacity as a managing partner of SCHNEPF Planungsgruppe Elektrotechnik GmbH, Jürgen Schoner is a key member of SCHNEPF Planungsgruppe. We look forward to the challenges coming our way and can approach the future with great optimism.

Firmengründer Klaus Schnepf

Don't just talk. Act.

While others are still thinking, SCHNEPF is already getting the job done. Founder Klaus Schnepf's practical attitude shaped the company from the very outset and set clearly defined goals: namely, to follow a sensible, sparing and above all creative approach to energy, while consistently exploring new paths to discover exceptional solutions in the field of energy technology.

SCHNEPF is now recognised as one of the leading energy technology planning groups in Germany and develops innovative energy concepts at the highest level using renewable energy sources. SCHNEPF stays at the top of its game thanks to the quality of its highly-qualified staff, and the company will continue to guarantee such standards, amongst other things, through a dedicated training infrastructure that offers in-company training opportunities and an existing, well-established successor programme.
The move into the new, energy-autarkic company building in Nagold means that not only are the energy technology and electrical engineering divisions now finally under one roof, but our range of services has also been expanded. Consequently, SCHNEPF will also be providing fire prevention and building simulation planning in future, thereby effectively underpinning SCHNEPF 's pioneering role in the field of energy technology.



Engineer Klaus Schnepf starts off as a sole proprietor in his private apartment.


SCHNEPF engineering completes its first research project.


Now involving a team of 6, the engineering office moves from Haiterbach to Nagold.


Continuous development over the next few years leads to increasing acceptance on the market. At the same time, qualified staff help generate further growth.


Change of company name and legal status from sole trader to SCHNEPF Planungsgruppe Energietechnik GmbH & Co. KG. After over 10 years working for SCHNEPF, our two 'home-grown' talents Alexander Schillsott and Alexander Schädel are appointed managing partners.

Expansion of the SCHNEPF Planungsgruppe Energietechnik service portfolio to include the electrical engineering division with Jürgen Schoner as managing partner.


Schnepf Planungsgruppe Energietechnik receives a visit from federal environment minister Peter Altmaier.

Move to the new, energy-autarkic company building in Nagold and consolidation of the energy technology and electrical engineering divisions.


Long-standing employee Adrian Schaufert is appointed managing partner.

Three steps to success.

The modus operandi of SCHNEPF is characterised by the desire to get things done. This is not only down to sheer belief in the realisation of a project, but also the absolute will to carry it through.

Not only are the energy-related and system-specific projects that we are entrusted with highly complex, commissioning SCHNEPF is also a considerable matter of trust given that the projects extend over such a long period and SCHNEPF also manages a large proportion of the overall costs.

Trust engenders responsibility, and we take this responsibility very seriously.


Our modus operandi is broken down into three stages, which we briefly define as 'Think, plan, do'.

Our most important energy source: our employees.

SCHNEPF currently employs 70 staff. Our teams comprise engineers, technicians, CAD designers and site managers. Their motivation and willingness to assume responsibility and take the initiative is what enables us to practically implement our innovative concepts. We are extremely proud of this specific quality of our workforce, not least because it forms the basis for sustainable and successful operations.

SCHNEPF greatly values first-rate personnel development and endeavours to provide prospects for students, interns and trainees alike. For this reason, SCHNEPF itself successfully trains its junior staff via in-company training opportunities.


Stand: April 2018